Blood Diamond Seeds Offering the Universe’s First Cannabis Seed Release Utilizing NFT Blockchain Technology

Blood Diamond Seeds is offering the universe’s first cannabis seed release utilizing NFT blockchain technology to verify the genetic authenticity of each batch of seeds and sign each batch directly from the grower. The first 40 orders of Beskar BX1 will come in a special, illuminated black diamond case, complete with a very classy wax seal. Hidden within the case are a special, hand-numbered set of instructions to receive your uniquely numbered Beskar BX1 NFT token. This token contains data which can be read to view genetic phenotype information, an authentic Blood Diamond Seeds signature direct from the grower, and a link to a unique piece of artwork. The artworks began as assorted photos of Oregon and our lives here at Blood Diamond Seeds and then they were fed through the Google Deep Dream supercomputer to become trippy “Deep Dream” images that look like how you will feel after consuming Beskar BX1.

What is an NFT?

Perhaps by now you have heard of Cryptocurrency. NFTs have made the news recently. They are a unique type of cryptocurrency token that exists within a blockchain. NFT stands for non-fungible token. This type of token is meant to verify authenticity and contains unalterable, permanent public data that can be viewed with a special tool. It is like a signature or one of those shiny stickers that come on the brims of hats– authentic, yours and yours to show off. This is how you know that your Beskar BX1 seeds are directly and only from us here at Blood Diamond Seeds. Welcome to crypto!